Stripy rock at Castle Beach

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stripy rock at Castle Beach in Falmouth
stripy rock at Castle Beach in Falmouth
The caption for this image might make you think of bright pink confectionery but this is definitely not something to sink your teeth into!

The rocks on Castle beach in Falmouth have wonderful stripes with varying colours and breadths with twists and turns and folds. Thinking about it, maybe it is more like boiled sugar than I first thought!

Many of my images are capturing a fleeting moment, something that lasts for a fraction of a second and will never be repeated in exactly the same way ever again. This image in contrast has a permanence about it. The rock is something very solid and immovable. It may wear away slowly as the sea repeatedly washes over it but in the timescale of my life it is unchanging. I could go and take the same photograph again today (provided I watch the tide!) and, for me, that’s very rare indeed.

This saltdragon makes a dramatic splashback or tiled surface.