Blue barnacles

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Barnacles on rocks at Rosemullion Head in Cornwall
Barnacles on rocks at Rosemullion Head in Cornwall
We’ve had big tides recently, some of the biggest for twenty years apparently, and it enables you to get a different perspective on a familiar place. Walking (sounds more elegant than ‘clambering’) among the rocks at low water is always fun but to look back from the furthest point and see rocks high and dry that I’m more used to seeing waves crashing over plays with your mind. Nature is powerful and beautiful and always changing.

These barnacles may have been a bit shocked by their exposure but they’re tough things and can cope. I was trying to keep my nose a good 5 feet away from the rocks (in a vertical way) and the barnacles were actually extremely helpful as they provide good grip underfoot. It seemed only fair to photograph them and record the scene although I feel the rocks adds more beauty than the barnacles.

I was tempted to call this image ‘Blistering barnacles’ but I was never a big fan of Tintin and so it’s ‘Blue barnacles’.