Rusty hull

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rusty hull in Newlyn harbour, Cornwall
rusty hull in Newlyn harbour, Cornwall

The harbour was almost empty, the fine weather having tempted the fishing boats out to sea. The largest two boats left behind were tied up alongside the quay, sitting quietly, bathed in the late afternoon sunshine. One was partly covered in scaffolding, being repainted in bright primary colours. The hull of the other, for more than half its length, was coated in rust.

There was very little wind to create a ripple and few other vessels moving around to muddle the water. For once the reflections were almost too perfect and I felt they held no more interest than a photo of the boats themselves.

But water isn’t really ever still and even a slight disturbance can greatly impact the scene. As I waited there was soon just enough movement to mix up the lines and smudge the colours to create this abstract image.

Imagine a kitchen with clean lines and a simple colour scheme – pale, unfussy units and then this as a splashback. It would definitely have impact and hold your interest as you rustled up a tasty meal.