gallery quality artwork

Limited edition or exclusive artwork adds something special to any room. The piece can complement an interior or be used as the basis to inspire the design of the room, any room. If you opt for the image to be printed on a special coating on aluminium then the work can be displayed in the bathroom, sauna or even outdoors, in a sheltered part of the garden say!

There are many different pieces of art to choose from and lots of options for the materials used and framing to ensure you have exactly the look you want. It’s an important part of the interior, maybe even the key piece, so we want you to have what’s right. Different images suit different finishes and we can advise on what will work best for your project.

Leading photographic paper mounted on aluminium Dibond gives the artwork a contemporary look with exhibition quality finish. The aluminium is thin and lightweight yet strong and therefore very stable.

Printing the image onto a special coating on ultra thin aluminium gives brilliant colours and a smooth, glossy finish. It’s robust and weatherproof so can be used indoors or outside. This is a gallery quality finish.

When the image is mounted under 2mm acrylic there is extra depth and vibrancy in the artwork. This is a premium gallery quality finish and can have either a gloss or matte finish.

Framing with tulipwood gives the artwork a different feel and floating it above a backing board with a decent margin certainly makes a large image have even more impact.

I purchased a piece of Claire’s art for our office and its like having a bit of the local coast in the office, makes me smile every time I look at it. The problem with the range is which one to pick next, I love them all!

Some editions are done as Giclée prints on Hahnemühle fine art papers. These are available either as prints or framed in bespoke wooden frames with passe-partout mats.

There are different finishes and sizes to fit situations where there may be limited budgets or limited wall space!

The white tulipwood frames are hand-built right here in Cornwall, almost all by Claire’s husband Steve.

artwork on aluminium Dibond ready for hanging
artwork on aluminium Dibond ready for hanging

Other examples of artworks