Rock Pooling Bounty

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Barnacle Rock
Barnacle Rock

Last spring we went looking for creatures in rock pools on a beach near where we live in Cornwall. It’s something we do fairly often especially when we have young family or friends visiting. There’s always something interesting to be seen.

We found some amazing pink ragworms, thin pipefish, bright anemones, cushion stars, prawns and lots of different crabs including a Velvet-swimming crab with a bad attitude…they are sometimes called a fighter crab and this one was certainly feisty.

Whilst all this was fascinating, I was easily distracted by the patterns and textures I found in the rocks and water around us.

I particularly liked the colourful rock covered in Barnacles shown above. It reminded me of another image called Blue Barnacles taken at Rosemullion Head in 2015.

It’s great having a day like this, being outside in nature, clambering over rocks looking for wildlife and abstract patterns too. It turns any walk into a treasure hunt of sorts.