Puddles of light in Padstow

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Puddles of light in Padstow
Puddles of light in Padstow harbour, Cornwall
There’s always a lot of colour in a Cornish harbour, even in winter. When you photograph the reflections in the water you get random associations of boat hulls, pots and buoys, ropes, lettering and sky. All sorts of colour combinations result and some are pleasing and some are not!

Here the deep blue of a clear, winter sky is punctuated by puddles of bright white infilled with blacks, silvers and tans from the boat’s superstructure. It’s a very clean, striking image.

What you can’t see is how cold it was! Padstow harbour was looking magnificent on this February day and after what seemed like weeks of grey, wet and windy days it was a joy to have some bright sunshine…at long last. The problem with clear skies is that the temperature was barely above freezing and my hands quickly found it difficult to make any adjustments to the camera’s settings.

I managed to get a number of pictures in the small harbour and recovered with a bowl of tomato and red pepper soup in a harbourside cafe. Delightful.