Blue chaos

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blue chaos in Newlyn harbour reflections
blue chaos
This is not a calm image, there is a lot going on. The swirling reflections of bright colours dance around the square frame…the only orderly thing there is!

blue boats along the quay at Newlyn in Cornwall
blue boats along the quay at Newlyn in Cornwall
In reality, the scene in Newlyn harbour was very tranquil and quiet. It was a Sunday. The boats were tied up alongside the quay in bright winter sunshine with nothing happening at all. Probably not long after there were fishermen around and frantic activity but at this moment everything except the water was still.

In many ways therefore, the image is totally misleading but then reflections almost always are. Unless there is no wind and no ripple, when you can get a mirror-like reflection, they are always making things what they aren’t…mis-shaping shapes and tangling straight lines.

But that’s why I find them so captivating and why the abstract image becomes so much more interesting than the record shot of the scene. I’ve always enjoyed puzzles and an abstract image like “Blue chaos” certainly challenges the viewer.