Colourful fuel

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colourful film of fuel
colourful film of fuel
There had been high winds and storms at sea and even in the shelter of Newlyn harbour there was a mass of weed floating on the water. Every shot of boat reflections was spoiled by the dark tangle of it lurking on the water.

There was another thing that was very noticeable on the surface of the water…a film of fuel.

Standing on the pontoons and looking down the water mostly just looked murky. But then as the light changed or a ripple went through it you could see the film of swirling colours. I took a photograph.

When I came home the image initially looked very dull and lifeless but with some work it sprang to life with amazing colour and vibrancy. Shocking almost that such drama was always there, just hidden and waiting to be released.

A bit like a firework!