Serpentine Poltesco

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Serpentine Poltesco © Claire Ogden is an image of a rock detail taken on a beach in Cornwall
Serpentine Poltesco © Claire Ogden

There are other stories I’ve written about images found at Poltesco on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. One was about the sand (Sand is just sand-coloured, right?) and one about the pebbles (Poltesco pebbles, imaginitive title that one!) but this one is about the rocks there. Well one in particular.

Climbing over the rocks I saw this detail and thought the colours were special. It wasn’t easy to get to and it wasn’t in the light but nevertheless I could see it was worth looking at more closely. The textures too were irresistible and so all I had to do now was find a way of capturing it without breaking an ankle or my neck or dropping the camera down a deep, dark void!

The patterns and delicate lines all add to the impact of the colour and textures and I was confident this was a keeper! In fact I was so pleased with the final image when I saw it on the screen in my studio I decided it would be one of the pieces in my first solo exhibition held in November 2017. I had it printed 50cm x 50cm on ultra thin aluminium as part of a limited edition of 10.

Serpentine Poltesco © Claire Ogden framed in white tulipwood
Serpentine Poltesco © Claire Ogden framed in white tulipwood

In 2018, framed in white tulipwood, “Serpentine, Poltesco” was selected to be part of the Associate Members’ Summer Exhibition at the Penwith Gallery in St Ives. It was hung to the right of another of my rock series “Serpentine, Lizard”.

Two works exhibited at the Associates Summer Exhibition 2018 at the Penwith Gallery in St Ives
Two works exhibited at Penwith Gallery Summer Exhibition 2018

Both the artworks sold during the exhibition and two more of “Serpentine, Poltesco” have been sold since, one going all the way to Gibraltar!

Your work has caused quite a stir

Lesley – Penwith Gallery, St Ives