Midsummer at Poldhu Cove

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midsummer at Poldhu Cove in Cornwall
midsummer at Poldhu Cove in Cornwall
Whilst I love taking photographs of the reflections on water, Cornwall presents fantastic opportunities to make the water itself the subject rather than just the medium. Standing on the cliffs (with great care), looking straight down at the crashing waves hitting the rocks at high water at noon on midsummer day created this image that shouts ‘Cornwall’ and ‘summer’ to me.

I can see the fisherman on the rocks below hoping for a bass and hear the children on the beach round the corner squealing with delight as they body board in the light surf. A perfect day.

The image has such detail and vibrant colours it works well as wall art or a splashback. You don’t tire of looking at it, always seeing something new and dreaming of summer.