image of rock from the Helford River in the panels of a small cabinet
image of rock from Porthallack beach on the Helford River decorate the panels of a small cabinet

Select pieces of furniture are available with Saltdragon designs as table tops or panels in the front or sides. Either mounted beneath toughened glass or coated in resin the art gives the furniture a high gloss, contemporary look and makes each piece unique. You won’t see another one the same, anywhere!

Whether it’s cabinets, sideboards, screens, side tables, coffee tables, bedside tables or any other kind of table you can inject some design flair in areas that are often overlooked. Here are examples of a bespoke small side table, a square coffee table and a barley twist table.

bespoke cushions and matching side tables
bespoke cushions and matching side tables
It’s also possible to have complementary or matching furnishings, just like these bespoke cushions and side tables.

Each item of furniture is individual, made specifically to meet the client’s requirements or as a one off to be marketed by select stores. It’s a lot of fun to pick out the Saltdragon image that’s absolutely spot on for the project and then make it into a new, decorative piece of furniture.

William Morris said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” but how much better if something is both!

Contact us to discuss any furniture requirements you may have and we’d love to create a unique piece for you.