This sweet wooden side table is painted white with a detail from the Saltdragon image “Painterly marks on a Newlyn fishing boat” inset in the tray top. The image has been coated in resin to give a high gloss luxurious yet practical finish.

The bright blues, whites and yellow in the image give a modern, fresh look to the simple table design. It may be relatively small but it’s still very elegant, somewhat retro, and can be used as a side table, lamp table or bedside table.

The image depicts all the scuffs and scratches on the hull of a large blue fishing boat in Newlyn harbour, Cornwall. The lower layers of yellows and white are revealed as if the vessel’s paintwork has been distressed!

It is a completely unique piece of furniture and is only available from Saltdragon. It’s price is £149 plus delivery charges. If you are interested and would like to buy this table or know more about it please contact us.

You can read more about the image in the “Painterly marks on a Newlyn fishing boat” post.

  • Project type: Table top
  • Finish: Resin coated
  • Dimensions (approx mm): L485 x W331 x H477
  • Price: £149 plus delivery