glass tile or panel
glass tile or panel

Saltdragon designs can be used to create a glass tile or panel for a feature wall. These are ideally suited for bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories.

The selected image is printed on the back of clear, toughened glass and is easy to install. We even supply the silicone glue.

It can be made to bespoke dimensions and if the size matches your chosen tiles it fits seamlessly into the overall tiling scheme.

The edge of the glass is polished so its safe to handle and it’s made of low iron glass so the colours are true to the original image.

bespoke "fiery fuel" image for glass panel
bespoke “fiery fuel” image for glass panel
glass panel in situ
glass panel in situ

NicolaS wanted to incorporate “fiery fuel,” a dramatic image of oil on water, into a dark tiling scheme in her holiday cottage.

The panel shown is the full height of the room and the width of just one tile to create a very dramatic focal point.

She said “Saltdragon has added a huge wow factor to our bathroom. A completely unique piece of art – I never get tired of looking at it and find something new every day.

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